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Hoop Charm - Vendetta by Lover's Tempo

Design your own hoop earrings! Lover's Tempo has designed gorgeous hoop charms specially designed to hang from their hoop earrings. Choose from 6 hoop earrings* and customize with 12 different charms.
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* Lover's Tempo Hoop earrings that are designed for the Hoop Charms:  12mm Desi Hoops, 20mm Desi Hoops, 10mm Bea Hoops, 15mm Bea Hoops, Constance Hoops, Cleo Hoops.

Choose your own adventure for a look reflective of your charming personality.

With a style to suit any story, mix and match these hoops and charms to your heart's content!


Care Instructions:  All of Lover's Tempo jewelry is plated. To extend the life of your jewels, avoid moisture, minimize wear and tear and store safely. Tending to your pieces requires little effort and should fit seamlessly into your everyday routine. A little care goes a long way.

About Lover's Tempo:
What started as a hobby for founder Elaine Kim Smith in 2008, is now Lover’s Tempo: a jewelry brand positioned in over 500 retailers worldwide. While collaborating with marketing consultant Leslie Hoolaeff in 2014, the pair bonded over a passion for creativity and entrepreneurial values. Realizing they shared a common vision for the future of Lover’s Tempo, they decided to partner in 2017 to scale the brand to new heights.

Today, a team of women bring individuality and enthusiasm to every detail it takes to continue to build the brand.

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