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Hinza Large Bag in Purple

The Classic Large Hinza Bag in colour Purple. Swedish design - made from green biobased plastic. This large tote is the perfect versatile shopper and beach bag!
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his large tote by Hinza is also great as a handbag, to pack for an outing, going to the pool or to a party. It is durable and easy to keep clean. With an inner bag or cover as an accessory, the bag becomes even more useful!
The Hinza bag is ideal to use for stylish, practical storage in the home - for magazines, firewood or children's toys.
Material: GREEN PLASTIC - Made from sugarcane-based bioplastic // Made in: Sweden // Designed in the 1950s // Max weight: 15 kg // Size: H: 42 cm. L: 44 cm. B: 18 cm. Volume: 15 litres

About Hinza
Hinza is a Swedish based brand created by Karin and Tobias Bachstätter, that specializes in functional design! The original Hinza bag was made in the 1950s by Perstorp AB, a company founded by Karin's great-grandfather. In 2006 they started the company that was given the name Hinza, after Perstorp AB's former director's villa, Hinza Lycka. The house is now Hinza's office.
Hinza bags are manufactured in Hillerstorp in Sweden, prioritizing quality, the environment and ethical working conditions. The covers for Hinza bags are made in Poland. All Hinza bags are extremely durable and are made of plastics that can be recycled.
Busy lives call for practical and beautiful products so it's great to have one or more Hinza bags at the ready. Then you never have to think about what to use to carry your items around the pool, beach, grocery store or party!

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