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Wylie White Set with Black Candlesticks by Everlasting Candle Co.

The bright + snowy Wylie White vase with matte Black Everlasting Candles, is the statement piece your house guests are guaranteed to gush over.. // Set Includes: Everlasting Candles + Wylie White Vase + Pristine Oil™
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The clean burning, smoke-free, scent-free solution to ambiance. An elegant and unique steel oil candle that doesn't melt down.

Product Highlights:

  • Light them thousands of times
  • Clean burning, real flame
  • Add instant luxury to your home
  • The only candle that never melts

Designed and Made in Canada



Because you deserve the best, please use Everlasting Candles exclusively with our Pristine Oil™ and vases.

Why? Because Pristine Oil™ was specifically designed for our candles with you in mind! We understand how important it is to know the products you're burning in your home are clean, smoke free and don't produce soot.

Light your candles and relax with peace of mind knowing that you're having the wellness experience you deserve.

Gone are the days of saving candles for special occasions - with a candle that never melts, make every day special.



How do I use my Everlasting Candles?

  • Add Pristine Oil™ to your vase
  • Hold the tops of your candlesticks in Pristine Oil™
  • Turn over and light

Empty any remaining Pristine Oil™ from your vase before storing your Everlasting Candles.

When your Everlasting Candles are not in use:
Remove your candlesticks from the vase, wipe off any excess oil, and store in a safe place, out of reach of children or pets.

If the Pristine Oil has not been exhausted via burning off: Store Pristine Oil™ in the bottle with the cap secured, in a safe place, out of reach of children or pets or dispose of unused Pristine Oil™ in accordance with local waste disposal requirements.

Can essential oils be added to Pristine Oil™?

Everlasting Candles are to be used exclusively with our Pristine Oil™. Please do not mix, dilute, use or add any other oils.

What should I use to light my candles?

Please use matches, as a lighter can blacken the side of your candles.



Handcrafted by a husband and wife in Fraser Valley, BC, the Everlasting Candle is an elegant and unique steel oil candle that doesn't melt down. Inspired and created from their love of design and ambiance, this real-flame candle offers an elegant and timeless take on a household staple.

With an ever growing demand for clean burning products, this family invention was modernized by the duo as a way to connect creatively and share in a love for entrepreneurship and home décor.

What started in their home garage, quickly escalated to sharing their passion with friends, family, and now with people all over North America. It’s truly a dream come to fruition and staying true to their family roots, Everlasting Candle Co.’s vase, the Wylie, is named after their first born son.

With a mind full of ideas and a new baby boy, you can bet there are some exciting things coming in the future!

One thing’s for sure – a candle has never looked this good. 


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