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Everlasting Candles Set of 3 in Silver

Everlasting Candles are a one-of-a-kind indoor oil candle with an alluring design that have been handcrafted in the Fraser Valley, BC. You can light them over and over again without ever having to replace the wick; making them completely... Everlasting.
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The Everlasting Candle range features 3 handcrafted metal candles with a choice of gold, silver, black or copper matte finish, as well as a custom hand-blown ‘Ayden’ glass vase. The set is complete with ‘Pristine Oil’ which is clean burning, odourless and doesn’t produce smoke.

How Does It Work?
1. Add at least three inches of 'Pristine Oil' to the ‘Ayden vase’ and submerge candles.

2. Once the candles have soaked in the oil for four hours, light the tops and enjoy the bright flame!


*Pristine Oil and Ayden Vase sold separately

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